As a response to the request of our new volunteers and many established volunteers, we have created a training site for all of our admissions volunteers.

The training component is critical in order to provide accurate and consistent information to prospective students and their families. Training will be required for the following volunteer roles:

  • Admissions Volunteer Coordinators
  • Phone Call Volunteers
  • College Fair Volunteers

Training will be offered through the following channels:

  • Training Briefs - one-page documents that cover important topics for each volunteer role
  • Annual Live Broadcast - Live events with a panel of Enrollment Division leaders, giving you the ablility to ask questions
  • On-campus Sessions - Yearly training session for a small group of volunteers
  • Off-campus Sessions - Training with volunteers in local club areasĀ 
  • ND Admissions Live - While designed for prospective students and their families, these sessions will be open to volunteers

On the training page for each role, you will see the PDFs that are required. Supplemental resources are also provided for more in-depth information about specific topics.