Through Notre Dame clubs, opportunities are available to alumni and parents who are interested in outreach to prospective and admitted students. If you are interested in participating in these volunteer activities, contact the Admission Volunteer Coordinator from your area.

College Fairs

The University is invited to attend college fairs where representatives meet with high school students interested in attending Notre Dame.  The fairs are usually held in a large gymnasium, cafeteria, or convention hall. College fairs provide an opportunity for institutions to reach out to a large number of students. 
Admissions volunteers staff the booth and answer questions for prospective students and their families. Volunteers must go through a brief training program before attending the fair.

Contacting Admitted Students by Phone or Email

One of the most rewarding aspects of this role is contacting the admitted students from your area. Many students comment that personal contact is a reason why they choose to attend Notre Dame – this contact starts with you.  
Admitted students are contacted at a minimum of two different times during the year: in December after Restrictive Early Action decisions and in early-April after Regular Decision notifications. You will be notified when the list of students from your area is available. 
Volunteers must go through a brief training program and be a registered volunteer. Phone and email scripts are provided.

Admitted Student Receptions

Many clubs and their AVC will host receptions for admitted and/or confirmed students. These events are encouraged, as many clubs have found them to be worthwhile recruitment activities. The purpose of the receptions is to:
  • Provide the students an opportunity to meet other admitted students from the area
  • Allow for time to answer any questions from the admitted students and their parents
  • Promote the unique features and benefits of a Notre Dame education (community, academics, alumni network)