Terms and Conditions

Notre Dame club scholarships are awarded to Notre Dame undergraduate students who follow the University's financial aid process and demonstrate financial need. The University of Notre Dame subscribes to the premise that scholarship resources should be made available to students in need of financial assistance.
Students are required to apply for financial aid on an annual basis in order to receive consideration for a club scholarship. The club scholarship is not automatically renewed.
All students applying for financial aid should be fairly evaluated by the club's scholarship committee on the basis of eligibility as determined by the University's Office of Financial Aid.
Students must be selected without any regard to athletic ability.
A club scholarship will be used to enhance a student's already existing financial aid package by reducing the student's loan and /or work-study in the following manner (the amount of the club scholarship will determine the level of reduction):
  • The Notre Dame Subsidized Loan will first be reduced to $0.
  • Then, Federal Work-Study may be reduced to $0.
  • Next, the Federal Direct Subsidized Loan may be reduced to $0.
The University reserves the right to adjust a club scholarship if the student's eligibility decreases. 
The University reserves the right to adjust a club scholarship if the student receives outside scholarship aid, including but not limited to ROTC scholarships and scholarships from private organizations. 
Students are expected to meet all University standards of academic progress. 
When funds permit, clubs are encouraged to make scholarships available for the duration of a student's Notre Dame education, typically four years, or five years for students enrolled in five-year University approved majors. This assumes that the above conditions are met by the student.
Clubs may announce the names of recipients in club newsletters or at club functions, but under no circumstances are scholarship amounts to be publicized. 
All scholarships are to be credited to the student's account at the University and not paid directly to the student in the form of a check (federal regulations, NCAA restrictions, and University procedures for accountability require that the University account for any type of aid that the student receives). 
The club scholarship will be applied in two equal disbursements to the student's account.
The Office of Financial Aid will mail billing statements to clubs with unpaid balances at the University in October. Clubs are asked to remit payment upon request or to contact our office if other arrangements are needed. 
Clubs are encouraged to have a policy in place to address renewing a club scholarship to a student whose family relocates during the student's enrollment at Notre Dame.
If your club will be notifying the student of his/her scholarship, please see the sample letter to ensure that these terms and conditions are fully understood by the student.