Registration and Materials

Overview of College Fair Registration
All college fairs for your area are listed on a portal for you to review and indicate whether or not your club will attend the fair. The Office of Admissions will register for and submit payment to (if applicable) the fairs you indicate that your club plans to attend.
We ask that if you receive a fair invitation directly, please send it to If you receive a paper copy, please scan or take a photo and forward it to this email address.
Please note that the counselors will review fairs prior to the fair being posted on the portal. If the fair is posted, the counselor recommends that it is either a good fit for the club or they are leaving it to the discretion of your club to decide if you can attend the fair or not. This will be noted on the details section on the fair.
We ask that you indicate your attendance at the fairs as soon as possible, even if you do not know the volunteers who will be attending. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to update the form at a later date with volunteers.
Overview of College Fair Registration Process
  1. AVC goes to portal and searches for fairs in area (
  2. AVC indicates on the form if their club will send a representative to the fair and if known at that time, the volunteers who will attend the fair (AVC will receive an email indicating the form has been submitted - this email provides a link to add volunteers at a later date)
  3. Office of Admissions registers club for the fair and submits payment 
  4. If added to the form, volunteers attending the fair will receive a 2-week reminder email and a 2-day reminder email regarding their fair attendance
  5. Volunteers will receive an evaluation email after the fair

Helpful Reminders on the College Fair Registration Process

  • The admissions office should be the only one registering for fairs. Please do not register for a fair directly with the fair organizer.
  • If you receive a fair invitation, please forward it to The information will be posted on the college fair portal.
  • The college fair portal is the only place where fairs will be added. The site where you access admitted students is no longer used for college fairs.
  • The college fair portal is our internal tracking system for fairs - it allows AVCs to let us know if you will be attending the fair or not. The college fair portal is not tied directly to the fair’s registration. If you see the message “Registration is no longer available because the registration capacity has been exceeded,” please know that means that you have already let us know that you will or will not be attending the fair. 
  • Please check for fairs in your area on the college fair portal and fill out the form associated with that fair, whether or not you will be attending.
  • If you do not attend the fair because it is not a good fit for Notre Dame, please indicate that in the comment section of the form.
  • If a meal is provided, please indicate if there are any dietary needs in the comments section of the form.
  • As you know who will be attending the fair, please update the form through the link in the confirmation email you receive.
  • If we have their names and email addresses, volunteers attending the fair will receive a reminder two weeks prior to the fair and two days prior to the fair, and an evaluation email 24 hours after the fair.
  • If you have a question about a fair registration, please email
Ordering Materials
Materials are provided for you to share with prospective students throughout the year. PDF versions of the materials can be found on the resources page of the APART website. 

We partner with an outside company to store and fulfill materials. The admissions office does not stock materials in house. You will need to order materials through the material order link and not directly through the admissions office.

  • The link to order materials through our fulfillment partner Express Press can be found here.
  • If you receive a message that your session has timed out, please clear your browser’s cache and try the link again. If you have previously been on the site, it will time out.
  • You must click the “Submit Order” button on the Order Summary page for your material request to go through. Please make sure you receive a confirmation email that your order has been placed. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your order did not go through the system and you will need to submit your order again. 
  • Orders will be shipped within a business day, whether or not you indicate a “needed by” date on the order form.
  • Materials should be requested at least 5 business days in advance (10 business days for international orders).
  • If you have leftover materials from last year, you can use them all except for the Undergraduate Admissions Fact Sheet and the Financial Aid Brochure. 
  • If you have an issue with your order, please contact Curt Lynn at or 574-631-7505.
Please place all orders with a minimum of five (5) business days prior to your event to allow for sufficient time for packing, shipping, and delivery. International orders should be placed with a minimum of (10) business days prior to the event.  Materials will be shipped directly from our printing vendor.
Tablecloths are available for purchase if your club does not already have one.
Some tips on ordering:
  • The basic piece you will hand out is the "Educating the Mind, Body, and Spirit" fact sheet which includes information on admissions and financial aid.
  • If a fair indicates X amount of students will be in attendance, not every one of those students will stop by your table. Usually plan for 20-25% of that number, unless the school sends a large number of students to Notre Dame each year.
  • Most clubs indicate that you do not need more than 75-100 of the basic materials at the fair.
We may send you a smaller order if we think you have over-ordered for the fairs you are attending.
You are encouraged to keep track of the amount of literature that you use during the year in order to plan for the next year. While we encourage you to order what you need, please note that we do not encourage you to over-order as this may cause delays in reprinting materials.